About Us

DOS currently put on two shows a year, a pantomime in January and a musical in October.

The pantomimes are great fun involving all the Society who want to take part, in particular our students, and it also brings to the stage the talents of the Julie Turner Stage Academy.

The October main show is even more fun and really hard work, but the result always ends in a fantastic show!

We stage our shows at the Lyric Theatre on Laughton Road in Dinnington.

Like all clubs and societies they cannot survive without new members. At DOS you don’t have to be an actor or singer to be an active member. Of course actors and singers are sort of important, especially as they do the performing, but they wouldn't be able to strut their stuff if it wasn't for the support teams. For more information see our Join us page.

We normally rehearse twice a week, and nearer to the performance, three times. It’s not all work and no play though. We do take part in other activities which our Social team organise such as bowling nights, visits to other theatres, eating out, parties and treasure hunts. Are you interested in becoming involved in the Society? Do you want to know more? Give one of us a call or click on the Contact Us link above. To find out about our upcoming productions please click here, or on the menu above